Speedypaper.com Complete Review for Top-Notch Academic Services

Speedy Paper is one of the best academic writing services. Although they say that they are a United States company, their main offices are found in Ukraine. In this SPEEDYPAPER REVIEW, we’ll start by taking you through what you’ll need to know about this writing service.

We first compared SpeedyPaper.com to other online writing services to see if it’s legit. Then, we went through the website’s past projects to see if it produces high quality and relevant content. Below is what we found!

Features and Available Services

At the start of the process, we had to start by looking at the services offered by SpeedyPaper.com. The company is purely sticking to academic writing – they concentrate on annotated bibliographies, research papers and essays. They also provide university admission essays, dissertation projects as well as thesis statements.

However, this is not all; you can also get academic help on problem-solving and coursework issues. Unfortunately, since it’s purely meant to help students, you cannot use it if you’re a business owner or a job seeker. In any case, it has various services which give it an edge over other online writing services.

Discounts and Pricing Systems

This SPEEDY PAPER OVERVIEW takes into account that a majority of students normally run on tight budgets. So, it’s only normal for you to choose a cheap writing service. Whichever site you pick, remember that you pay for what you get.

SpeedyPaper.com has a pretty average pricing system, and you can pay $55 dollars for an essay of 5 pages. Overall, their charges are between $9 and $88 per page. The prices are structured depending on the assignment’s grade level, and if it needs unique writing as well as the turn around time.

The site does not have any cash discounts or promo codes which is rather unfortunate. Besides, there was no mention of this even in their customer reviews. So, if they provide coupon codes, they should consider making them simpler to find.

Payment Methods and Security Level Programs

You can pay using your PayPal account although you can still transact using your debit or credit card. It has a safe payment system that makes it a trusted writing service. However, we realized that there are those customers who felt uncomfortable sharing their credit card information. Most of them thought that the website was quite insecure thus making it somewhat unsafe.

The Level of Writing

Honestly, we were quite disappointed by the kind of customer reviews we got here. It’s clear that most of them were not satisfied with the final paper. Some felt that the points were unclear, that a native speaker did not write the project and that the writer did not follow critical instructions.

In one instance, a customer needed his work done in the MLA format, but it was not written in any recognizable form. Besides, even though there was a list of resources at the end, they did not have the page number, publication dates or anything else needed when citing sources.

The writer only cited magazines and books even though a huge chunk of information was just drawn from a few websites. On the plus side, the paper was delivered on time, but it was irrelevant! The client then returned the paper for necessary revisions at no extra charge, which is another advantage.

They Give All Projects a Personal Approach

Their motto is that every client matters. Hence, the writing service is continuously advancing and improving their services to provide better solutions for all students. You can contact the writer, give him or her all assignment requirements and details, then sit back and relax.

Despite some dissatisfied clients as we’ve mentioned in this SPEEDYPAPER.com REVIEW, the site still produces authentic papers. So, you can rest easy knowing that the article you get is 100% original.

Our Verdict!

This SPEEDY PAPER OVERVIEW identifies this writing service as a fast solution for students looking for school, college or university writing help. They have writers who are ready to do all kinds of projects, and you can even request for continuous submission of work – you can have your assignment done in sections which give you control over the whole process.

Although you have to pay a lot to get the best services, paying less for poor quality work is just disadvantageous. In any case, we’re sure that you’ll get a writer who’s willing to meet you halfway. Lastly, they have a lovely customer support team who work throughout listening to customer queries and order requests.

In a nutshell, despite some of the negatives that we found, we still feel that this is an excellent online writing service. However, some improvements to the service should be made in order to make it more appealing to potential customers.

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