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About essayshark com

Online academic sites have come a long way in helping students with their assignments. They are helpful if you choose to use them for the right reasons.
If you have a busy schedule and prior commitments, then it is okay to try them once in a while. But with so many educational websites, how do you pick the best and reliable site that will cater to all your requirements and meet your deadlines. We decided to put ourselves in student’s shoes and do a dig in on writers essayshark com which is a buzz in the academic field and provide you with an unbiased essayshark review.

The mission statement of essayshark com is ‘to help students from all over the world to push through the struggle of essay writing.’ Just from that statement, it is no wonder the company has been operational for about 10 years. They are also diverse in that the essayshark writers get hired globally. As long as you pass their evaluation test which has several stages and maintains great reviews from the customers, you are a member of their team. For you as a customer, you can use their rating system to find a suitable writer for you. The only undesirable factor about this system is that the ratings and awards are only for the top writers and so they should consider featuring the freelancer’s ratings as well so that one can establish their credibility before it is too late. So how do you go about acquiring their services?

How to Place an Order at essayshark com

Once you visit their page, you will need to create an essayshark login account by entering your email address. For the cautious at heart who may wonder, is essayshark safe to have my email details? It is, as they have a confidentiality policy that safeguards all your data. Though for academic sites, it is always better if one uses usernames instead to maintain a sense of privacy. So what kind of assignment are you looking for help with? With assignment essayshark, you are in luck, because of the high number of writers that they have; you will get assistance in all the subject areas that may be challenging to you. You can get your assignment done by essayshark writers in these 5 simple steps:

Place an order

You will have to fill the details of the task you want, e.g., which subject, how many pages, the deadline, the style and any other relevant information about your assignment.

Chat with experts

You will have access to live chatting with different experts until you find the one you are confident in, and who you feel can meet your needs.

Make your choice

It will depend on several factors such as what are the essayshark writers rating on the site? Do they have the educational background to handle your assignment? Is their pricing fair or steep? You can consider these factors and much more before making your choice.

Keep in touch with the expert

So, you have agreed to everything with your writer. It is now time to follow up on the task. If along the way you feel like making changes or going in a different direction with the assignment, all you have to do is communicate with the writer about them. essayshark com gives the customers the chance to make alterations on their orders which is a significant plus for the website.

Evaluate your expert

Your order is complete! Is it average or high? Did the writer meet all your requirements? This is your turn to evaluate the essayshark writers. Even as you share your feedback, be honest and don’t exaggerate on the services received.

Among the subject areas covered by assignment essayshark include:

  • Information Technology help
  • Data Structure Help
  • Civil Engineering Help
  • Project Management Help
  • College Homework Help
  • Trigonometry Help
  • Graphic Design Help
  • Architecture Help

How Do I Pay for the Services?

First of all, remember that you do not have to pay for any service until you have fully approved the order. You do not have to pay the whole amount at once either. Essayshark com gives you the opportunity to pay in parts. If there are some particular sections that you feel are not up to par, then you have the power of refusing to make the payment. This is a smart technique for the company that maintains quality assurance of the papers.

There are two methods of making payment to writers essayshark com. You can choose PayPal to pay for a specific order that you had requested or you can load money into your account and can be using the account balance to make payments for one or several tasks that you may have. A point to remember is that, once you hit the release button, there is no money back guarantee, so make sure that the assignment is as you had requested.

The Good and the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly

On other online platforms, the essayshark reviews were mostly positive. Most of the clients were satisfied with the services. The one major complaint that we noted which made others question ‘is essayshark scam?’ was the differing quality of the papers. One order may be of very high caliber, but the next one would be poor. They are not consistent, and you are never too sure where your luck lies. They should be stricter with their writers to ensure paper quality all through.

Essayshark com Review Conclusion

From this review, we hope that next time you browse on the academic site, you will not ask ‘is essayshark legit?’ You will already be aware of its pros and cons. It can work for you if you are strict in enquiring about the academic background qualifications of the writers. Best of luck to you!

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