Enotes.com: A Candid Review

Founded in 1998, www enotes com has been in the forefront in providing teachers and students with learning materials and resources to ease the pressures of education. Their central area of expertise includes:

  • Study guides
  • Lesson plans
  • Literary criticisms

As enotes.com is a subscription service, a client first has to register with the site for them to enjoy the full service. However, regular questions such as literature and math queries can be asked without having to subscribe. If you have a subscription, you first enjoy a 48-hour enotes free trial period accessing the site. All the websites features are available to you, but you cannot download pdf materials. They require your credit information first before allowing you access.

If during or after the trial you find that you’re not satisfied with the site, you can cancel your subscription. You only need to log into your enotes account and go to the manage subscription bar. You then click on the cancel my subscription and a ‘’no please, cancel.’’ pop up will appear, click on it. You will then be asked to submit feedback and cancel. A confirmation message will be sent to you alerting you to the success of your cancellation.

About www enotes com

It is one of the most visited education websites in America averaging 11 million visitors each month. Enotes also records 750 new subscriptions daily during a school year. It mainly focuses on literature and history although there is also information on humanities. It boasts of a staff of over 1000 professors and teachers who contribute the majority of the content uploaded on the site. Most of the material is for middle and high school students although they also cater to college ones as well.

There are some features that enotes offers the main ones being:

  • Teaching tools. Enotes provides thousands of teachers with lesson plans, teaching information and classroom resources.
  • Literature guides. The websites have loads of literature guides from the famous Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. They improve a student’s comprehension while studying the book.
  • In-house essays. They hire freelance writers to come up with content for the website. Before uploading this information though, an in-house team goes through each one of them to check for depth and accuracy. It ensures that researching all the content on the site is carefully done with accurate analysis.

Pricing at enotes

Almost every enotes review that we’ve come across praises the site for its moderate pricing. It allows the majority of students the ability to access their services. There are different charges for students and teachers. For students:

Enotes basic which is $ 14.99 a month or $49.99 annually. Choosing the yearly subscription is cheaper as it translates to only $4.17 monthly. It comes with 300,000 homework help answers, over 30,000 study guides, 4 pdf downloads each month and ad-free content.

Enotes plus. It goes for as low as $8.33 a month and $99.99 per year. It contains 30,000 study guides, 10 pdf downloads per month over 300,000 homework help answers, 20% discount on homework help and ad-free content.

For teachers the price is higher;

Enotes subscription goes for $24.99 a month and $199.99 yearly. It comes with response journal downloads, hundreds of lesson plans, over 30,000 expert study guides, 1,000 literature quizzes, published criticisms, 10 pdf downloads each month and ad-free content. It is also cheaper for an annual subscription as it comes down to $16.67 monthly.

Quality of Service at enotes

The question that most people ask is “what are enotes?” Well, they are electronic notes, creating them requires someone to have a computer. They are crucial for reminding people of essential things. www enotes com employs this method. Their literature guides and notes are easy to access and download. They ensure that everything that goes up on the website has been thoroughly vetted to avoid uploading content that’s not factual.

With a network of over 1,000 teachers and professors, the site ensures that they share with their clients quality work. They have a team that analyzes each material to avoid grammatical, plagiarized and misleading information getting posted on their platform.

Their model of operation seems to work for them as they are one of the few companies that hit profitability soon after launching with positive reviews from their subscribers.


From the setup of the website itself, the font and color combination give the site a professional feel. The information that they post is straight to the point; this avoids cluttering the homepage with irrelevant details. Navigating through the site is also simple, and their customer care staff are on standby ready to help you when you encounter any problem. Overall, www enotes com is an educational website that we can recommend to students as their works are tailored to suit every student’s need.

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