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It is not a rare occasion that a student needs some assistance with his or her writing assignments at school. Sometimes, there is a valid reason, such as a part-time job to afford tuition, rent, and other expenses. Or, maybe, this student simply decides to focus his or her attention and effort on some other undertakings. Regardless, when such help is needed, it has to be provided. In response to this demand, a wide variety of custom writing companies offer their services to students. A simple Google search like “writing assignment help” will return you dozens of pages of search results. However, if you are at a point when you require such assistance, you must realize that your academic success will depend on the quality of service provided to you. In other words, you trust your academic success to a third party. This means that the custom writing company to which you turn for your assignment help must be trustworthy and reliable.

Finding such a company is an assignment in itself. The best way to make sure that a particular writing company can be trusted is to see what people who had some experience with this company have to say. Such companies like to place boastful customer reviews on their websites, but those are obviously selected. If you want objective opinions, you can find them on forums where people discuss everything and anything, or on sites specialized in reviews.

Speaking of recommendations about writing services, one of the first places to look for those is Reddit – the place to discuss anything without restrictions. Discussing assignment help, Reddit users often refer to a particular writing service and are enthusiastic to share their positive experience. The company in question is EduBirdie. This is why this company has attracted our attention, and we have decided to try it out for ourselves and write our review.

The face of any company is its website. website produces the impression that is not too fancy but is quite practical. Immediately as you open the site, you are informed of their basic rate and offered to specify your assignment type (out of a quite respectable-sized list) and your email address for the company to get back to you for details. Also, a live chat window pops up, and EduBirdie’s customer support agent inquires if you have any questions. The customer support is friendly, professional, and, most notably, quick to respond – something that most custom writing companies cannot boast, unfortunately.

Another thing that you can instantly find at is the list of their writers and their profiles where you can see how experienced they are (how many assignments they have accomplished) and read their individual customer reviews. This should help you choose the ultimate writer for your assignment.

So, on a first glance, EduBirdie produce quite a positive impression, and we have decided to place an order. With the help of a customer support representative, we have found the most capable writer and ordered a simple 5-page essay it Introduction to Political Theory to complete in two days. This is quite close to a real-life situation where a student was right to assume that s/he is fully capable of writing this essay him- or herself but just didn’t find the time.

Our EduBirdie writer’s timing was good, and we received our first draft in due time, but we had a few comments about her writing, so we asked for a revision. In fact, we had to ask for several revisions before we got a satisfying piece of writing. It is always encouraging to know that a writing company does not charge extra for revisions, any amount of them – like EduBirdie. However, the opportunity of actually using this perk is not as encouraging, because revisions take time, which may put you at risk of missing your actual deadline.

However, this was not so critical. What was crucial is the reaction of a professor whom we asked to evaluate the essay that EduBirdie wrote for us. She said that in her class, such a paper could deserve a C+ at best. When you address a writing company for assistance, you expect professional help that will land you an excellent mark. In our experience, this was not the case. It may be that we have simply picked the wrong writer for the job, but that would be odd, considering her overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

We might add that EduBirdie charges the minimum of $18 per page. This rate is a little higher than average in this niche. Of course, it would be well worth it, had they provided a flawless result from the first time. But, unfortunately, we have to conclude our EduBirdie review recommending against using their services. If your budget allows you to pay $18 per page, then you can rest assured that you will have no trouble finding a reliable writing company that will deliver you an excellent result.

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