The website’s launch was in 1958. In 2012, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired cliffnotes Inc. has over the years joined the digital era as well and become an instant success among students. Their mission is to change the lives of passionate and curious students.

Services Offered by cliffsnotes

Cliffnotes have been in the book industry since 1958. Their vast experience has given them an edge over other book summary sites. Their yellow and black cover has always made them stand out. They offer study guides on literature, math, science, history foreign languages, etc.

Prices at cliffs notes

Many of the guides are free. This makes the students rank it as a great site. The website presents and explains literary and other works either in online or pamphlet form. For learners who require a booklet form, cliffsnotes have over 250 which are accessible online for free. 159 literature study guides are available and cost about $6 and $10 each. If a student wants the downloaded PDF files, they cost $5 to &10 each. Comparatively, literature notes are available at $1.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch.

Products Offered by cliffsnotes com

Students often face a challenge of coping with tests. cliffsnotes aids students through all sorts of intimidating exams. They provide students instead of with free articles, books and the right tools to buy.

These products are:

  • Cliffnotes books and downloads
  • Literature and test preps
  • Cliffnotes mobile: The students can download a free audio CramCast to get 3 to 5 minutes overview of classwork literature. It also comes along with author’s background, summary and three things about the book. There is also the option of buying cliffnotes App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to help students get quizzes, summaries, cramming plans and CramCasts. If a student is mostly on social media platforms, they can follow their active page on Twitter or become a Facebook fan.
  • Free online articles: Cliffnotes has a wide range of free articles on writing, college, foreign language, grammar and many more.

Other guides in addition to literature are:

  • CliffsAp: This helps students in advancements placement study guide. This includes action to plan, reviews and exercises.
  • Cliff Quick Review: This is a fast reference for the information on academic subjects like history, mathematics, sciences, etc.
  • CliffsComplete: It has similarities with cliffs notes only has additional commentary and notes.

  • Cliffs Study Solver: This helps students work on Spanish, grammar, algebra and other subjects in studying by mastering approach.
  • Cliffs Test Prep: This focuses on the examination preparation guides of students. The tests are the SAT, GED and LSAT, among others.
  • Shakespeare on the Double! Helps the students master the original Shakespeare text with a contemporary English version to it.
  • The Manga Editions: This is to help students learn the traditional manga format.

cliffsnotes com Quality has come under criticism that they promote cheating among students. While coming up with this cliff notes review, we came to understand why this is so. We agree that cliffnotes com is a valuable tool for students to have if only used responsibly. Whereas most students tend to rely heavily on cliffs notes, there has been a debate whether the site is suitable for learners to use. Teachers have agreed that products help students in understanding texts. The crucial point to remember, however, is that the cliffsnotes summary should get used as a support of student’s original work only.

Customer Service Support at cliffs notes

cliffsnotes has not provided any phone number on their site. They have, however, offered an email address where you can leave your questions in regards to book purchases, shipping or any information that you might have about cliffs notes. There is no mention of how long it takes to get a reply, and this can inconvenience a student with an urgent query.


cliffsnotes com has managed to stay relevant over the years. Most students have admitted using the website at one point in their studies. This means that there is something right that cliffs notes is doing. As long as the students read the book that their teachers have assigned them; cliffs notes come in handy in helping students get a few pointers that they might have missed.

It is clear to see cliffnotes is not going anywhere anytime soon. It gives the students, who might have a problem understanding subjects a more straightforward angle to follow. This can make a student understand better. Therefore, if the teachers and students collaborate harmoniously, cliffsnotes can serve both parties well in the long run.

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