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Writing an essay is not always an easy task. It takes time and effort to do that and the end result is not always perfect. Lots of students struggle to produce the best paper they can. But even after spending hours in front of a computer, they have something that does not even remotely resemble a quality written essay. This is especially true when you are not really into the topic you deal with, and you don’t have any desire or time to dig into it. These are cases when you certainly need a service to help you with this problem. 123helpme.com is out there to lend you a helping hand. This site is aimed at providing its clients with well-written papers while its prices are pretty reasonable.

So, what makes 123helpme.com different from other custom essay sites? The thing is that this service has a huge variety of free essays that are available for everyone who needs them. The range of topics is quite impressive, so no matter which type of essay you look for, you may find it on 123helpme.com. The site is quite simple to use. The menu of the website is clear and understandable and it takes very little time to find what you need there. In other words, this is the perfect tool to get rid of annoying assignments and save much time for something else to do.

Another great thing about 123helpme.com is that it suits clients of any academic level. No matter what degree you have or what your language level is. Also, there are certain helpful sections that are completely out of charge, such as:

-Free essays

-Guides for writers

-Tips on how to make your own essay better

On the other hand, if your task calls for specific requirements, the cost of assistance may vary. The more difficult your topic is, and the more time it takes to be done, the more you will have to pay for it. The good news is that the quality of the end result is always indisputable.

As you start digging deeper into 123helpme.com structure, you will see that there are five main sections marked with certain colors: green, yellow, orange, red, and grey. The colors stand for the level of essays, which are:

powerful essays,

stronger essays,

better essays,

good essays,

and the free ones.

The price for these papers varies according to certain specifications such as grammar, choice of information sources and reliability.

Keep in mind that there is a dark side to the site. Any 123helpme.com review discloses the hidden disadvantages of using the service. The majority of free essays there are of very poor quality. The date they were written (as well as the author) are hidden from you. Most of them were uploaded to the site from unknown sources so there is no guarantee that you can use them with no consequences. On the one hand, you may certainly find free essays there, though their quality is rather questionable. On the other one, it very difficult (almost impossible) to find a great free essay online. So, if you are desperate for a well-written paper, it is much better to pay some money and get a unique piece of writing that will suit all the academic requirements of your school. Custom essays written for money are of great quality while prices are not too high. Even the least positive 123helpme review will show that this service really cares about its reputation.

There are many complains about the ways you can contact the website, though. The customer support works via email, which results in very slow response time. This, of course, can make some clients quite unhappy. The reason for this inconvenience is that the writers working for the company contact the site the same way that customers do. So, all the parties are in the same boat, with constant email communication. Though, taking into consideration the quality of the essays they write, this technical issue is a minor detail.

So, if you decide to deal with 123helpme.com, here is some advice. First of all, don’t rush into spending your money on custom written essays. Look through the list of free ones. They may inspire you to create a paper of your own. In many cases, the problem is not the lack of writing skills, but the lack of ideas. We don’t recommend you using free essays as your own without rewriting them. If you do so, you may face certain problems with your credit. Besides, due to the poor customer support of this website, there are also certain risks in using it. But, generally, 123helpme.com is worth your attention and trust.

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